Monday, October 18, 2010

A special day!!!

When I was on my mission my comp and I had the opportunity to teach and watch a 9 yr old get baptized. As I watched her I felt a huge amount and love in my heart and wondered if this is a fraction of what I would feel when my own child was baptized. Let me say watching Braeden was so much more. Now I have a strong testimony of the priesthood and this church and it was amazing to see my wonderful hubby baptize my first born. Braeden is such a tender-hearted kid. He looks after the little and the lonely and tears up when he feels the spirit. (He says he got something in his eye) I am so grateful for this young man. He is smart, kind, fun and loves to laugh. We love having him in our family. I'm grateful for the example he set for his brothers. The day was almost perfect. J.B. says it was bitter sweet. He mentioned as he was in the water he looked up to see his Mom, cuz she would have been so excited to see Braeden get baptized. Even though she wasn't there in person I KNOW she was there in spirit. She watches over us and we do miss her. I love the gospel so much! So did I feel more that wonderful day in May, Heck yes!!!! Its a feeling I'm unable to describe. To see a child choose and yes it is his choice, a path that will bless his life so completely is amazing and I look forward to many more years of the ups and the downs of this very special boy!!!
With his brothers Kyan and Jett.
So happy I married such a good man, and have a great kid!!!!!
Love for you!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun Day at School

Hi we are back on line, with pic's and everything so we are going with the most recent and movin' back till Im all caught up :0) The boys had Crazie hair day at school so we went and picked out colors to have fun with. There isnt a lot I can do to make their hair super crazie but we did have fun!!!
Here is B, he wanted both colors and he consented to let me put little ponies in his hair. Good sport huh!
Kyan on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the ponies, so we just went with the all orange spiky look. It was super fun!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi all we are still here!!! Doing great and havin' fun!!! I now have 2 kids in school so my goal this week is to upload all my pictures. Love for you all!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay so my computer went all sorts of crazie and we had to wipe it all and restore it so I haven't been able to put pictures on yet, so none to day but I thought I should at least update my blog. Life is good. We take it day by day, some days are lots easier than others. Like yesterday I needed to know how Mom Larsen made her super yummy Mac and Cheese and I couldn't call her:0( Stuff like that is hard and Braeden is having a tough time but we let him cry it out and tell him it will all be okay, that Grandma is happy. That seems to help. :0) Lets see J.B.'s job is going great he is no longer the new guy so that is good and they are sending him out on calls all the time by himself. Its a challenging job sometimes but my hubby loves to learn so that's good. My job is going great. I really love what I do and am just grateful for the opportunity. B is thriving at school. He reads like I do and we cant seem to keep enuf books in the house. Kyan is excited to start kindergarten this next school year. oh and he broke his arm again. That makes both arms now and we haven't even seen his 6th birthday. Oh what do we have in store with him :0) Jet is our little hurricane who loves to laugh and play. His imagination is endless and is fun to listen to him talk. All in all we are doing awesome! I do have lots of things to catch up on so I will make get my pics up and going so I can share our crazie lives with all of you! Love for you!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss you Mom Larsen!!!!!

I know I said I was going to overload you with a bunch of stuff, but things went crazie in Nov. J.B.'s Mom got sick and it was the longest 51 days, but still went by so fast. Mom passed away Dec. 28th 2009. She is one of the strongest people I know who loved unconditionally. She is a fighter and put up a great fight. I miss her!!!! Its hard not running upstairs to talk to her or get a recipe or take the boys up to say Hi to Grandma. Swiss days will never be the same, or any other holiday for that matter. She was never a Mom-in -law to me but my other MOM. She is a great example and I have been blessed to call her Mom. She gave me the greatest gift, my wonderful Hubby, which in turn gave me 3 lil blessings that call me Mom. She will be missed. This pic is a good example of how I feel at times. Often I try to be strong for those around me but often when Im alone in the car this is how I feel. I have felt great pain but also great peace and love. Thank heavens for the gospel of Jesus Christ, that provides comfort, and a knowledge that we all can be together again. With out that knowledge I would be lost. How grateful and I for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us individually and loves us, for a Savior who took all that pain on himself so we could be comforted and saved, and the Spirit that guides and directs us. I cannot fully express just how grateful I am. Mom will be missed bit I KNOW we will see her again and that she is happy. That brings me peace. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and such for our family. They have been felt and we love you all.
These are just some pics of Mom. She looks so good!!! Her and I at the airport when Austin came home

Jett and Grandma

One of the many parties she did.

Mom and Dad